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By | December 4, 2015

I being in Sales with 15 years of Sales Experience was a bit lazy in taking action, but, I was always a good Sales person in getting the deals closed. It always required few basic rules to close the deal. Same goes with Finding a prospect on social Networks and closing the deal. It was a new territory for me and it is still new for a lot of people. The first step to creating a Pipeline in any sales job is to interact with a prospective Customer. And Social Interactions can be the best way to engage or interact. But It can sometimes be very dangerous and harmful. After attending this topic of Social Selling in one of My Sales University held in GOA, India, I formulated few very important Rules for Online Social Interactions.

  • Rule#1 – Be Genuine – While trying to communicate via Keyboard and hidden behind an avatar in your tweets or posts, your social networking persona should be an extension of your actual personality. And, being yourself is the only criteria for having genuine exchanges which lead to those positive, long lasting interactions that translate to potential customers.
  • Rule#2- Social Listening – This means you are actively on the lookout for comments coming across social media channels that relate to your company, your products, your competitors, or common industry-specific topics.
  • Rule#3- Be Responsive – There are lots of ways to be responsive. You can answer questions, congratulate someone when they post an achievement or award, comment on articles that someone posts or links to, or simply “Like” or “Favorite” a post. The point is that you have the power to identify and engage, and ultimately create a positive social interaction.
  • Rule#4- Follow the Leader – There are several Discussions going on the top Social Networking Platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. All these discussions have rules and Regulations. Do not cross those rules and always follow the leader of that discussion. Identify group leaders or other active community members and follow their lead— watch how they participate and learn from it
  • Rule#5- Maintain Separation of Professional and Personal – Since most of the people use more than 1 or sometimes more than 2 Social Networking Sites, Always remember that You should keep your professional and Personal Discussions separate. The challenge becomes trying to balance two very different identities. Your personal comments may not be appreciated or appropriate for people with whom you interact professionally. The easy answer is to maintain separate social media account, one for personal use and one for work. ex- Facebook for Personal use and Twitter and LinkedIn for Professional Use.
  • Rule#5- Be Consistent – Have you ever followed a celebrity on Social Media for their updated news. Then sometimes you think that the information from them is either irrelevant or bores you because it is thrown at you too many times. This gives you a chance to disengage with them. Same happens with us. Even if you do not have a celebrity status, once you start networking across social channels and building relationships with followers, it’s critical to keep up communication. Maintaining a social media schedule is helpful to keep you on track. Along with maintaining frequency, you also want to be consistent with the type of information you send. You want people to have a clear expectation of who you are and what your area of expertise is so they think of you when they need assistance in that area.
  • Rule#6 – Admit when you are wrong This is the most simplest thing to understand and needs no explanation. The moment you see that you have done a mistake on Social Network, admit it. Information flows very fast on Social Networks, and one good thing you do by admitting your mistake gives rest of the world a chance that you are genuine and gives higher possibilities of more positive social interactions.

I have set the Rules. If you are reading this Blog, you just have to follow these rules and start Social interactions with your client and close the deal. All the best

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