What Successful People Know about Social Selling Platforms – Digital Sales tip1

By | December 4, 2015

Basic Social Selling Definition:

It is the identification, targeting, and reaching out to prospective and existing customers through social media channels and social communities in an effort to engage them in conversations that result in a potentially mutually beneficial relationship.

Social Selling Mantra:

There has been a noticeable shift in how customers engage with companies and what, or who, influences the decision to buy. This is true whether you are selling to consumers (B2C) or to businesses (B2B), whether you are selling Medicines or handling a Grocery Shop. Your ability to successfully engage with customers early in the lead-generation process sets the tone. it’s tempting to say that social selling is a matter of selling products and services over a social network, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Which Marathon should you choose to run:

When it comes to social selling, I like using the analogy of running a marathon. Social Selling in social World is very similar to choosing which Marathon should you choose to run and with what tools. It’s relatively enjoyable, even relaxing for some, and can be a nice hobby to pass the time. But while it seems like a pretty straightforward process, professional runners will tell you it actually takes thought, planning, and the right tools to make a perfect run. The same can be said for social selling. You can dabble in it and may even get lucky and get a bite after only limited effort. If you want to be good at it, and successful enough to sustain yourself in terms of sales and revenue quotas, then you need to get serious about the process. There are some well-known social networks where lots of productive sales conversations get started. Let me give you a few social selling locations where you should be active to become better seller

Social Media Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. These are established places where lot of conversations are flowing.

Visual Social Networks: You Tube, Pinterest, Instragram & SlideShare. These networks provide a way for you to literally show what your company can offer customers, and they provide the ideal opportunity for a prospective customer to comment on and share your message with others via a visual presentation, infographic, photo, or video.

Blogs: Bloggers have also become sought-after influencers because they often have many loyal followers who turn to blog posts as a source for trends, product reviews, and referrals. The beauty of a blog is that it often has a narrow focus (again, it makes it easy to identify your target customer), and it’s easy for you to become an active commenter on blog articles and a contributing member of that blog community.

Communities: Online Communities are places where people of similar interest gather and discuss and exchange ideas. For ex: A community can be based on particular skill or activity such as “Long Distance running” or a casual interest such as “Movies”. You can find a target potential customers because you know that he has interest in that field

Answer hubs and Groups: Answer hubs are gr8 places to look for and answer questions that may pertain to your company’s product or service. These are the folks who are separate entity who take time to participate in and the conversations are slightly different

Online Media/news sites: News sites can attract a large audience, and may even be segmented by interests (entertainment outlets, technology or business, beauty, shopping, etc.). Again these sites help you to identify your targeted audience and pitch them your product by participating in that conversation.

Now that you are know to these facts, get use to using these platforms extensively and connect with me for further more information.

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